Jumaat, 16 April 2010

8 weeks pregnancy

Hi all!
Just wanna share with all mommy to be..atau bride to be ke..untuk info masa akan datang..hehe..
How's your life changing :
Though you're unlikely to have gained much weight(this part my weight still maintain sebab asik muntah je and tak lalu makan), parts of you are certainly growing, like your breasts(part ni betul..rasa mcm sexy lebih sket..). Less obvious is the increase in your blood volume but by the end of pregnancy, you'll have 45 to 50 per cent more blood running through your veins to meet the demands of your baby. The extra demands on your circulation can make you prone to varicose veins and piles - read our self-help suggestions to help prevent problems developing.
What are your holiday plans? Being pregnant may affect your choice of destination. You need to think about insurance, how you're going to travel and vaccinations before you decide where to take your holiday. If you have morning sickness, you may be worried that it will make you travel sick or get worse at high altitudes or temperatures. Help is at hand - follow our top tips for pregnant travellers to help plan a safe, relaxing and happy holiday. (Yayang,u nk bawak i berjalan2 holiday kan?so make sure semua ni yer!)
Things to consider :
The good news is you can afford to eat an extra 300 calories a day to support your baby. The bad news is that you may not feel like it yet(mcm mana yer nak tambah 300 calories,if mommy dia pun tak lalu makan??). Don't worry - your morning sickness will soon pass. In the mean time you could try taking vitamin B6 to get some relief.
The surge in the hormone relaxin may mean you need to alter your diet to cope with constipation. Try to increase your calcium levels. Tired of milk? Try unsweetened soya milk or low-fat cheese(saya mmg tak lalu dgn susu...tapi soya boleh telan lagi). Do you like essential oils in your bath? Find out how to make sure they are safe to use in pregnancy. If you're feeling very sick or tired, you won't feel much like socialising. Try to reschedule or get plenty of rest if there are any major celebrations coming up( tido mesti nak b4 11pm..sebab nk make sure tido cukup 8 jam!!kalau tak rasa nak amuk esok pagi..)
My embryo is now called a fetus..which now ukurannya diantara 0.6 inch / 1.6 centimetres..rasa mcm tak percaya jek kecik macam ni dah ada tangan semua..Ya Allah, lindungilah kandungan ku ini...since lately saya dgr mcm2 cerita tak best dari kawan2 yang sama2 preggy..nasib tak begitu baik...tapi redha saja la..mungkin bukan rezeki kita kan?Apa pun yang jadi dan bakal terjadi, saya tetap akan menjaganya dengan sebaik mungkin...tapi kekadang terlompat2 gak..terlupa!
Hanya dengan iringan doa,penjagaan makanan saja buat masa ini,...check up?belum lagi..mungkin by this week juga... =)

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KAK RAINBOW berkata...

jgn lupa kismis,kurma yeah amy

Drama Queen berkata...

Make sure you take daily dosage of folic acid. It is important especially at the early stage of pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, my pregnancy so far has been easy. Less than 3 months to go. Take care and get plenty of rest and dont work too hard :)

AmyMizzunderstood berkata...

NURUL : oh ya Atim dah beli kismis satu paket!

Drama Queen :: Thanks ya!

Diarihatiku1976 berkata...

jaga diri... jgn buat kejer berat2

AmyMizzunderstood berkata...

Diarihatiku1976 :: thanks kak..

dell @ Marryme berkata...

yeay.. dah 8 weeks! time flies kan. :) btw takpe dun worry pasal tak lalu mkn tu.. try munch benda2 berkhasiat cam roti ke.. sup ke.. janji makan..

soon u'll hear the baby's heartbeat. eh ke dah dengar dah? part tu sgt touching tau. and sgt amazing ciptaan Tuhan.. subhanallah

amy start mkn prune gak tau.. sbb nak elak constipation.

take care!

: s h e "2 d" n a: : berkata...

u take care ok..dun forget amik honey jugakk k!!u hav to be more carefull..hugs&congrats

AmyMizzunderstood berkata...

kak dell :: yup2..amy dah beli prun,kismis etc..mkn biler lapar...sesambil buat kerja..hehehe..

: s h e "2 d" n a: : thanks babe!