Jumaat, 23 Mac 2012

Lacey Bawal Colour Palette

Hello everyone!

Okeh ini Colour Palette for my Lacey Bawal...
Order kini dibuka... :)

Furshia Pink - SOLD (1 available)
Baby Green - SOLD
Mint - SOLD (1 available)Cherry Pink - SOLDDark Purple - SOLDCyan - SOLDYellow - SOLDBaby Pink - SOLD
Black - SOLD
Grey - SOLD

BATCH ONE already SOLD OUT ladies!...
tunggu 2nd batch...will upload soon...yeayyy!

Happy Shopping!!

p/s : Kindly email me at amymizzunderstood@gmail.com to order!


2 ulasan:

fana berkata...

price? kain bawal kan?

AmyMizzunderstood berkata...

farhana : yes bawal...can i have ur email add?