Jumaat, 5 Oktober 2012

Bawal Color Block

Salam readers...

My new collection for LaceyBawal by AMY is here!!

What are u waiting for?Come and get yours now!
U guys can email me at amymizzunderstood@yahoo.com
Or 012.2962456


2 ulasan:

sweetlavender86 berkata...

niceeee..how much tdung bawal ni amy?lame dah xpkai tdung bawal.dh xreti nk pkai.bile try pkai balik je sure cm selekeh.huhu

AmyMizzunderstood berkata...

Hi...its rm30 je...yang penting kat Jalan TAR pun takde..hihi...i pun pakai loose style..so that tak selekeh sgt but still fashionable