Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Qaira Jasmine!!

Hello peeps..

Usually every monday i akan update blog..but since bz..baru hari ni dpt mengupdate..last Saturday,my niece Lil Qaira punya birthday..and we do some preparation for her 1st birthday party...

candy buffet


birthday girl with her 'tutu'...cuteeee!

cake cutting with her mama

me,Atim and cousins yang banyak membantu..thanks guys!

"hey, its me qaira!"

The idea is from my sis, theme is bugs theme...belum dpt lagi pic from OP..nanti i review lagi,.okeh?and the preparation is from MG and and printing from my husband,Atim...

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Yann said...

wahh..sangat happening..xsabar nak tgok pic dr OP..Hihi..

colourful beday party.awesome!


Nice n it!!


hi dear..
wah canteknye b'day bash ni..
tak sabar nk tgk more pictures..
boley grab ideas for my son 2nd b'day bash ;)

AmyMizzunderstood said...

Yann :: hahah ada hasil tangan u kat situ jugak kan?hehe thanks yann!

iryani :: thanks!

mommy nadia :: yup2..sure..nnt i upload lagi pic once dah dpt dari OP..thanks!

NuRuLeRnAdEwI said...

so cute the budak kicik ituuuu... And the party.. looks awesome!!!

myra said...

hi you!

Ive been following your blog. Im not sure if I dah congratulate you on your pregnancy! congrats!!

nway, I like the grey dress you wore. kat mana u beli eh?

AmyMizzunderstood said...

erna :: thanks erna..budak kecik tu bukan saja cute tapi noty sket..

myra :: ohh thanks!grey dress i bought at Great Eastern Mall..i forgot nama kedai tu..but kedai biasa je...