Friday, July 27, 2012

Proud soulmate


Hehehe tajuk kemain lagi...but yup..seriuosly that other day Atim said this to me...

Him : esok result design van utk Reebonz keluar...tak menang pun takpela...dapat top 10 pun jadik!

Me : oh yeke?? (and gelak2..sbb tgk dia excited)

And yes! Like a dream come true...Atim is one of the 10!!! Proud me... Congrats least they appreciate your design... ;)

Van design for Reebonz

Link :

Kindly our local..hahhaha time ni la nak support local hahaha...takde2..if u guys rasa design dia ok..then like la ok?

Tq readers!!

Proud wifey

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AmyMizzunderstood said...

Eja seriously pun kelam kabut hahahhaa