Khamis, 1 Mei 2008

HaPpY BiRthDay AyaH

HappY BirThDay AyAh!!

Happy Birthday to u..
Happy Birthday to u..
Happy Birthday to ayahh..
Happy Birthday to u....

Actually on 29th May,my sis,lil bro jan and aril (sis fiance) took ayah to Restoran Cerana at Cheras..We're having dinner..(kira present birthday la..) sorry pic tak de..coz terlalu lapar..sampai lupa nak amik gambar..ciann..but anyway Cerana Rest is very nice place!sedapp..mcm2 ada...!hehehe..go n try!

Ermm since ayah's age already's mean..HAppY BerSaRa juga buat ayah!!quite sedih and touching..everyday's routine will more traffic jammed early in the need go for work's quite difficult to accept plus he already worked for 34 years..

Hhuhu so sad..!slalu bgn pagi ayah dah tak de..(awal2 dah cabut!..)but skarang..bgn2 tido je jumpa ayah..hehhee...its becoming least he know wut to do after this...
So ayah!i'm very proud of U!!Thanks for everything...Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki!(pssttt...ayah dapat byk present semalam!hehehe)
Happy birthday!!...

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