Saturday, May 3, 2008

wOrK cOmpLiCaTioN@KompLikAsi KejA..

I was wondering..
Everybody look at me as sumone nice with long smiley face..polite girl..bersopan santun dan lemah lembut di jalan raya..hehe..
even 1 day I asked my Enchik Det about his 1st impression when he met me long time ago...
I've got the same answered..nampak sangat haku baik budaknyer..(opss terlebih sudah!kembang jap)
but it's different when I asked my best teddy buddy..kak yam..nik..they thought me as sumone berlagakss..bossy lagi hape?saja nak memburukan nama aku..ces!

The truth is...I will change myself into different situation..actually the changes became automatically..tanpa disedari..maafkan kami penunggu gua!(2x)
Huhu..stress with works..additional request from boss..pending a lot of documents..sampai nangis2 jugak la...malunyerrr...depress gile..till can changed to hijau..bukan SHREK eh!
start from that moment..i became to sumone straight..irritated..heh sumtimes and people cannot pijak my kepala anymore!I have too...before my life become complicated...huh...hard to said actually..berat mata memandang berat lagi beban dipikul...cewahh (ini pun peribahasa ni!)

But dun's normal behaviour..for those not very clear about me..who cares..
but for them already known me..pasti digemari...Vote for Amy!!chiokkk...

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