Rabu, 7 Mei 2008

It's about M.A.Y..

This 9th May...Arwah Mama's birthday...ermm...yg ke-51..but actually last 3 years we're not celebrated dah..Hope she rest in peace up there...Deep in my heart..there's only one hope..

If she's here...will she forgive me..?Hmm..Miss her too much!Love u Mama!
and Happy Mother's Day too!...

:Sambungan my sis's big day...

Lastly all the bunga pahar for my customer done!!..today nak kena arrange for fresh flowers hantaran..erm..hope our customers like it..!and another 5 hantaran for this May..huh, till June..penatnyer..tapi berbaloi.. pic will update soon..at merisikgallery FP!
Since my sis dun have much time..so I have to take part for all this..huh!

So..oklah..since server already ok ni..kerja pun banyak..stop dulu..daaa

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