Friday, October 7, 2011

Authentic Branded Stuff

Hello ladies!!

For those yang giler shopping..lagi2 for branded stuff..u guys boleh pergi tengok kat JUSTLisa

All bags are ORIGINAL / AUTHENTIC / REAL, mostly in excellent condition (unless stated otherwise) and best of all, ALL READY STOCK! - Instalment plans can be arranged! XOXO

The prices are very affordable and most of these items are brand new - owner bought it buy never got the chance to use it. Tell your friends too ok!

p/s : the 2nd pic is my fav!wakaka



Cik Puan Peah said...

page mat saleh 2 ke...betol ke ni amy?hihi

AmyMizzunderstood said...

Cik puan peah : ni bukan page mat salleh..cousin amy ni..tlg jual handbag xboss dia..yup mmg semua original..cuma ada yg baru pakai sekali mcm tu dia jual la murah sket..

Lisajoehari said...

Thank you my drearest cousin! Cik Puan Peah... Melayu je... Buat bahase omputih so nampak la international sikit hehe...

Thanks again :)
Kak Lisa

AmyMizzunderstood said...

so sorry guys..silap link laa..but i dah betul kan..hehehe..sorry kak lisa!!

so boleh shopping dah sekarang!