Selasa, 3 April 2012

Lacey Bawal Batch TWO

Hello ladies!!

Batch TWO is here!!

Plum Purple - SOLD
Yam Purple - SOLD
Rose Pink - SOLD
Sky Blue- SOLD
Mustard - SOLD

Its only RM28 including postage!!

Boleh reserve now......pilih2...hehehhee
For my repeat customer, discount menanti anda!


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Unknown berkata...

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ain.ya.nun. berkata...


AmyMizzunderstood berkata...

♥ dak pink : bawal with lace only rm28/pcs..but if beli banyak then i bg kurang la :)lace boleh pilih colour.. tq

♥ nana i am ♥ berkata...

kak amy~ camne ni..sume dah sold out :((((

AmyMizzunderstood berkata...

Nana : hehehe kene cepat la..tak pun reserve dulu..but lime green itu cantik.... Kak amy pun suka...rasa cam nk semua tapi kak amy dah banyak..hahahha