Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Father's Day Celebration...

Salam and sorry sangat...sebab lewat nak post entry ni...huhu..

I dont know what should I give to Atim as a gift for Father's Day last 2 weeks...and I've decide to stay for a nite at Seri Pacific Hotel,KL..

Y here?hmm this is our 3rd time actually stay sini...sebabnya?hehehhe...harusla bersebab!their food is awesome!dari yang tak rajin turun breakfast, boleh jadi rajin ye..!

And the next day,after check out from hotel...kitorang bawak Anya pergi KLCC...its my 2nd time...dulu penah dating kat sini dengan Atim..hahha

Anya memang fish and cat lovers!so tak silap la bawak dia datang sini...dia sangat la terujaaa!happy for you anak!!


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